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  • Romeo- soft furniture that can solve the problem of arrangement of a small room. This set will fit compactly in a hall, lounge and any living room. Elegant form, light wooden edging of the side panels, a rich range of finishing in this model, make it ideal for apartments standard layout.

    The Payment is made in lei at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova

    Sofa 3р; L-188см P-100см H-96см.
    Sofa 2р; L-158см P-100см H-96см.
    Armchair; L-86см P-100см H-96см.
    Sofa 3р<3; L1-277см L2-277см P-100см H-96см.
    Sofa 3р<2; L1-277см L2-226см P-100см H-96см.
    Sofa 3р<1; L1-277см L2-172см P-100см H-96см.
    Sofa 2р<2; L1-247см L2-226см P-100см H-96см.
    Sofa 2р<1; L1-247см L2-172см P-100см H-96см.
  • Orders can be done both on the order page, after selecting a particular product, and by phone in Kishinev:+373 601-222-52.

    When ordering via the site, the manager, before calling you back, will clarify all the details and will be more prepared.

  • The warranty on the furniture is 1 year from the date of delivery. During this time, you can replace the defects or other non-conformities.

    The warranty may be invalidated if the changeable part has already been installed, or there are clear indications that the part has already been used, for example, a screw was screwed or a hole was done.

    When identifying any defects, notify by the phone number specified in the receipt of furniture purchase.