Upholstered furniture Granada





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  • Admirers of the classical style will appreciate this model, which combines the quality, beauty and elegance of forms and symbolizes elegance.

    The «Granada» model is a worthy decoration of classical interiors and creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
    This model can be made both in leather and in tissue, on desire it can be manufactured with a folding mechanism.

    The Payment is made in lei at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova

    Sofa 3р; L-210 P-100 H-101
    Sofa 2р; L-169 P-100 H-101
    Armchair; L-100 P-100 H-101
    Sofa 3р<3; L1-298 L2-298 P-100 H-101
    Sofa 3р<2; L1-298 L2-240 P-100 H-101
    Sofa 3р<1; L1-298 L2-187 P-100 H-101
    Sofa 2р<2; L1-257 L2-240 P-100 H-101
    Sofa 2р<1; L1-257 L2-187 P-100 H-101
  • Orders can be done both on the order page, after selecting a particular product, and by phone in Kishinev:+373 601-222-52.

    When ordering via the site, the manager, before calling you back, will clarify all the details and will be more prepared.

  • The warranty on the furniture is 1 year from the date of delivery. During this time, you can replace the defects or other non-conformities.

    The warranty may be invalidated if the changeable part has already been installed, or there are clear indications that the part has already been used, for example, a screw was screwed or a hole was done.

    When identifying any defects, notify by the phone number specified in the receipt of furniture purchase.